10 Volunteer Opportunities for Teens to Make A Difference

The ámaxa blog helps our readers turn intention into impact. We are a nonprofit that connects our users to real problems at global nonprofits, whether you're in high school, university, or beyond.

Karina Miszori
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The ámaxa student impact program offers a one-of-a-kind leadership experience specifically designed for high school students. If you are in high school, have a passion for social issues, and want to make a real impact, you've come to the right place. With ámaxa, you can make an impact from anywhere, as we offer in-person and remote volunteer opportunities on our platform. This article is just a small introduction to all the opportunities we offer.

Visiting us here will introduce you to the list of projects we are solving at the moment, but keep an eye out for the updates we make on our constantly expanding partnership network! We add new causes and continents every month!

Are you passionate about education and supporting youth (well, your peers) around the world?

1. The Tarkwa Breman Girl’s School in rural Ghana needs laptops and books to create its very first library 📚. This project is a great opportunity to learn more about sustainable development and the crucial nature of girls' education.

2. Denver children need 100 backpacks filled with school supplies in time for the school year! 🎒 If you love kids and are passionate about education, apply today to solve this problem!

3. The Al Noor Center for Persons with Disabilities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, needs funds to provide scholarships for students in-need 🦽. This is a great opportunity for teens in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

4. ISNAD Community Education Center in Palestine needs remote tutors and volunteers to create unique educational programs 🇵🇸 . This project is perfect for those who want to build leadership skills, as the project is largely up to the passions and skills you want to share with students! For example, one of our students is currently planning remote juggling workshops for Palestinian youth!

5. BraRecyclers needs to supply women in-need with gently used and new bras! 👙 In addition to this, they're looking for a team to jumpstart a TikTok account for them! 📱

Are you passionate about refugees and tech or coding? Check out three opportunities that combine the two.

1. Teach by Tech in Colorado needs a team of passionate “tech-y” students to promote the usefulness of Raspberry Pis for in-need communities and refugee camps! 💻 If you love coding and engineering, this is a way to combine your passions with making a real impact.

2. Jangala needs volunteers to fundraise for one of their Wifi “Big Boxes” to another refugee camp for connect them to all the opportunities the Internet holds. 🌐

3. 100 grandmothers in Nyaka, Uganda need solar lights installed in their homes to have light after dark in order to work and eat after 7 pm! ☀️ If you're passionate about sustainability and poverty, this is solving two important problems in one!

Are you passionate about providing basic needs to the vulnerable populations that need it most?

1. Mission to Seafarers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, need supply packets with basic hygiene item for seafarer workers stranded on ships in the UAE ports. 🚢 This is an interesting problem for anyone passionate about international law and its effect on human rights! 🌎

2. The Rocky Mountain Welcome Center needs goods like blankets, kettles, and long-life gods to supply to newly arrived Afghan refugees in Denver, Colorado. 🏠 We have a team currently working on this - reach out if you want to connect with them!

Ready to get started?

Our first cohort is currently providing remote volunteers for students in Palestine, funding solar powered lights for grandmothers of AIDS orphans in Uganda, furnishing homes for resettled Afghan refugees in Colorado, and much more.

High school students can apply to solve problems directly, while undergrads and professionals can apply to lead the project as mentors. Learn more here or apply today to get started.

Karina Miszori

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