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Content Creator: Platform

Remote · Spring 2022

Who we are

amaxa connects our users to real problems at global nonprofits. Our flagship program is the amaxa student impact program, a one-of-a-kind leadership program specifically designed for high school students. We have 11 nonprofit partners and counting, and our students are currently solving problems ranging from providing electricity to grandmothers in Uganda to creating juggling workshops for students in Palestine - & much more. Learn more about our program and problems at We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States.

About amaxa internships

While these roles are technically internships because they operate on a semester schedule, our interns are fully part of our team and take on a leadership role within our organization, and as such, we are not only open to, but prefer, candidates who see themselves playing a role in our organization in a longer-term, if possible. While the first semester is unpaid, if you continue with us more than one semester, the role will either become paid or we will provide a one-time stipend (this is simply dependent upon our funds moving forward).

What we’re looking for

Our online platform is the hub where students in the amaxa student impact program access resources about how to solve real problems for the nonprofits they are matched with. Through the “Team Dashboard”, we currently provide students with the outline of steps they need to follow with some short videos. However, we want to add resources to the platform to provide our students an even greater experience.
We’re looking for someone who is familiar with graphics (Canva is great, or anything more advanced), a concise and effective writer, and is passionate about researching global issues. Some resources you may be creating are:

  • Country Guides: an infographic-type document that gives basic info about a country, especially pertaining to social problems in that country
  • Nonprofit Introduction Guides: an infographic-type document that gives basic info about one of our partner nonprofits and the work that they do
  • Mentor Resources: different kinds of documents/infographics giving mentors tips and resources to help guide their teams


Research and create 3-5 individual resources per week (This might involve spending time making 1 template and creating 5 pages from this one template, for example)

Pitch ideas for new kinds of content for the platform, always keeping in mind the end user, whether student, mentor, or even nonprofit


Experience with Canva or other graphic design tool

Concise and effective writer

Passionate about researching global issues

To apply:

Please send the following to & (both included on the same email, not separate emails):


In lieu of a cover letter, please attach a 1 page graphic document (the exact definition of this is up to you) that paints an engaging picture about the work and impact of one of our nonprofit partners, Nyaka Global. You can learn about their work on their website at and through their social media.

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