How to Help Ukrainian Refugees

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Karina Miszori
Refugees fleeing Ukraine queue at the border crossing in the Polish village of Medyka on Saturday. Photograph: Markus Schreiber/AP

Ukrainian civilians are in danger, and many families are looking for a way out. Although spreading awareness on social media is important in supporting the Ukrainian cause, there are other ways for us to aid fleeing families.

Five of the six countries neighboring Ukraine - Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania- have taken initiative to support Ukrainians who are leaving their homes by providing food and medical services alongside information, transportation, hosting, and consulting services for those in need. We’ve collected information on how to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing to each country.

1. Help Ukrainians in Poland

As of February 26, more than 150,000 people have fled Ukraine into Poland . Poland announced that they intend to keep diplomatic missions open in Ukraine as long as possible, but urge Ukrainian civilians to leave the country.

Refugees Welcome Polska

This organization finds refugees accommodation and assigns a volunteer to provide support in finding employment and navigating the issues of moving to a new country.

You can choose between donating to the charity, donating to a family to finance their rent, or becoming a volunteer.

2. Help Ukrainians in Slovakia

Slovakia has declared it is is ready to help and will accept refugees that do not have all the necessary documents on them.


This initiative includes more than 30 organizations providing food, water, hygiene products, medicine, and firewood to people in Ukraine. They also provide experts to help children cope with the trauma of fleeing their home.

3. Help Ukrainians in Hungary

Although the borders are currently quiet, Hungary should prepare to meet the needs of tens of thousands of refugees. The government has intentions to send troops to the border for humanitarian reasons.


Menedek provides legal support in obtaining documentation to remain in Hungary and finding employment, as well as reimbursement for the fees of transport.

4. Help Ukrainians in Moldova

As one of the EU’s poorest countries, Moldova has announced a state of emergency in preparation for the tens of thousands of refugees expected to enter on the 800 km shared border with Ukraine.

Charity Center for Refugees

This major charity center offers support for incoming refugees by distributing long-life goods, helping with accommodation, and supporting general integration into Moldavian society.

You can donate funds or in-kind goods, like food or supplies.

5. Help Ukrainians in Romania

Romania has yet to see an influx of Ukrainian refugees entering through the shared borders. However, they are preparing to receive up to 500,000 Ukrainian refugees and are working to construct temporary mobile camps near the northern end of their shared border. is a platform, built incredibly quickly, to streamline the process for refugees looking for accomodation in Romania and elsewhere, offering an interactive map with citizens from around Europe who can provide homes for refugees. The initiative was launched to centralize the Romanian citizens who wanted to contribute and has since been extended to other states.

You can donate through cryptocurrency or sign up as a volunteer. There is also a portion of the site that will feature NGOs to donate to in a more traditional manner.

6. Solve real problems for these organizations over 4-5 months, all remotely, with ámaxa.

Our first cohort is currently providing remote volunteers for students in Palestine, funding solar powered lights for grandmothers of AIDS orphans in Uganda, furnishing homes for resettled Afghan refugees in Colorado, and much more. We are currently in the process of launching partnerships with the organizations outlined in the article above.

High school students can apply to solve problems directly, while undergrads and professionals can apply to lead the project as mentors. Learn more here or apply today to get started.

Karina Miszori

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