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Don't just log hours.
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amaxa matches you to high-impact volunteer projects you're truly passionate about - that you can do from anywhere.


Select a problem

Through the amaxa platform, you can filter problems by location, cause, & more.


Form a team & match with a mentor

We match you with others from around the world who are passionate about the same cause, and we provide you with an expert mentor to guide you as you solve the problem.


Solve the problem over 4 months.

With the help of your team, your mentor, and the amaxa platform, make a tangible impact in 4-5 months.

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The problems

Our solutions
span causes and continents.

They need our community to aid refugees, educate villages, & stop climate change- and that's just the beginning.

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Hear from our students, mentors, and nonprofit partners about how we create impact.

"The Student Impact Program gives high school students the opportunity to make a tangible impact in a way no other program like it does."

Emily Broad
Impact Program Mentor

We've spent the last year perfecting our approach.

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