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ámaxa student impact program

A one-of-a-kind volunteer opportunity
specifically designed for high school students

Why we do it

You can make a tangible impact - from anywhere.

The impact program is available remotely or in-person
with the help of the amaxa platform for high school students everywhere.


The application process is an informal application and an interview.

Select a solution

At the interview, we will discuss the best solution match for your interests and committment level.

Form a team &
match with a mentor

We will help you form a team with your friends or other amaxa members. Then, we match you with an expert amaxa mentor.

How it works

3 months of weekly remote meetings to make a real impact.

Here's what we offer


Direct Access to High-Impact Volunteer Projects

We work closely with our partner NGOs to identify high-need problems. These aren’t just convenient student projects: these are directly affecting people’s lives.


Diverse Applied Skillset

Learn and apply real-world skills, like networking and research. Even more, gain in-depth knowledge about your problem, from climate change to the refugee crisis.


1-1 Coaching

Our expert coaches have a demonstrated passion and experience in the social good sector. They're Peace Corps alums, tech CEOs, and PhD candidates - to name a few.


A Whole New Perspective

You will meet with nonprofit CEOs, community leaders, and on-the-ground researchers. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of some of the largest problems facing the globe.

What you need to know

Learn more about program cost and time committment

The program cost is $150. However, we ensure cost is never a barrier to enter the program. If this places a financial burden on your family, please see below on how to attain a need-based scholarship.

Yes, we offer need-based scholarships. To apply for a scholarship, follow the instructions in the application.

Time committment averages from 1 - 3 hours a week, depending on your problem. Time committment is one main facet we discuss in the interview because different problems require different kinds of committments. For example, one problem might require just an hour a week for 3 months, but much more time in the weeks leading up to an event. Another problem might require a solid 2 hours consistently for the whole problem.

We charge a program fee for the Student Impact Program for a few reasons. First, we have found that it ensures our students are more committed. Without a program cost, students would sign up with the best intentions, but not stay committed. Because we are solving real problems for nonprofits working on the ground with those in-need, it is extremely important that students fulfill their committment of staying in the program. Second, charging a program fee is what actually enables us to run the program. See exactly how we use the funds below.

Your donation goes straight back into amaxa to enable us to keep running - and growing - the Student Impact Program. Right now, 45% of the program cost covers the administration, operations, and software development that allows us to run the program. The other 55% of the program cost goes to growing the Impact Program. These activities include: recruiting expert mentors, providing more opportunities for students like conferences, scholarships, college credit, and travel opportunities, and ensuring all students unable to pay the program fee receive scholarships.

Our mentors are undergraduates from reputable universities. They submit an application and go through an intensive interview process.

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