10 Ways for Teens to Volunteer in Denver

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Karina Miszori

Have you spent hours thinking about social injustice in the world? Do you want to make a change but you don’t know where to start? Do you live in Denver? We got you. Here are 10 volunteering opportunities for you in Denver!

1. Wish of a Lifetime

Do you think elder people are not appreciated enough? Then this is your opportunity to show your appreciation! Wish of a Lifetime aims to inspire people of all ages by sharing seniors´ stories and by fulfilling their dreams. Volunteering with Wish of a Lifetime will provide you with the opportunity to celebrate seniors for their accomplishments and sacrifices, as well as to embrace their wisdom.

2. American Transplant Foundation

Are you interested in learning about fundraising? Are you good at planning events? The American Transplant Foundation goes beyond educating people about the importance of donating organs by proactively tackling policy issues to eliminate the gap between the critical need for organs and their supply. Would you like to help people who need a transplant? Good news! The foundation is looking for an intern to help plan and coordinate events as well as fundraising campaigns.

3. Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Are you passionate about photography or arts in general? The Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) has a 50+ year history of serving Denver’s photographic community through education, exhibitions, and outreach. Get involved with your community by engaging with arts.

4. Rocky Mountain Welcome Center

Do you want to help refugees in your city? The Rocky Mountain Welcome Center aims to help refugees integrate into the community through programs and activities that develop supportive multicultural and welcoming environments. For the most impactful experience, learn how you can work with the center through the ámaxa student impact program

5. Teach by Tech

Are you passionate about technology? Do you spend hours on your cellphone? Teach by Tech uses mobile technology to empower people through education, mainly women. If you are interested in gender development or education, this is a good cause to support. Plus, Teach by Tech partners with ámaxa, so you can make an even greater impact by joining the ámaxa student impact program and matching with Teach by Tech!

6. Melanoma Research Foundation

Are you interested in health? Did you know that melanoma is one of the deadliest cancers? Do you like running? Become a volunteer at the Melanoma Research Foundation for the next Denver Miles for Melanoma 5K and support the cause!

7. United Way

Are you interested in education? Business development? Engage with your community by helping small businesses, building community kits, such as basic hygiene kits, or volunteering at preschools.

8. Denver Rescue Mission

Do you want to help distribute food? This is your opportunity. At Denver Rescue Mission you can prepare and serve meals, mentor someone in a long-term program, sort donations at the warehouse, and more. Check out the volunteer opportunities they have!

9. Clothes to Kids

Can you imagine how hard winter can be for someone without a warm jacket? Clothes To Kids of Denver proudly provides new and quality used clothing in a boutique setting to Denver area students from low-income or in-crisis families. Help provide students with the clothes they need to feel comfortable and help them thrive.

10. Solve real problems for global nonprofits (some in Denver!) over 4-5 months, all remotely, with ámaxa.

Our first cohort is currently providing remote volunteers for students in Palestine, funding solar powered lights for grandmothers of AIDS orphans in Uganda, furnishing homes for resettled Afghan refugees in Colorado, and much more.

High school students can apply to solve problems directly, while undergrads and professionals can apply to lead the project as mentors. Learn more here or apply today to get started.

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