108 Volunteering Ideas for Teens to Make a Real Difference

Tiesta Dangwal

Are you a teen looking for a way to fulfill your community service hours for NHS, Key Club, IB CAS, or another program like them? Look no further! Here are a list of 108 truly unique and impactful fundraising opportunities to not just check off hours, but make a real difference!

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We’ve broken our fundraising ideas into several categories. Use this list to jump between sections:

  1. Ideas for Art Lovers
  2. Ideas for Sports and Game Lovers
  3. Ideas for Movie Lovers
  4. Ideas for Music Lovers
  5. Ideas for Animal Lovers
  6. Ideas for Food and Cooking Lovers
  7. Ideas for Anyone Who Loves a Fun Night!
  8. Ideas for up-and-coming Entrepreneurs
  9. Ideas for the Holidays

Without further ado, here are 108 unique and creative ways you can make an impact on a cause you care about!

Ideas for Art Lovers

  1. Put on an arts and crafts class 🎨

    Invite your audience to get creative and de-stress with an arts and crafts session! Whether it be led by an instructor or a free art session, ensure that your creative space is stocked with supplies, comfortable, and friendly to all skill levels.

  2. Make stickers and sell them 💰

    For a slightly more cutesy alternative, buy sticker paper and employ your inner artist to design stickers for sale. This task, when done with a team, is a bonding experience while also advancing your cause!

  3. Get your artist friends together, and create an art gallery for a good cause! 🖼️

    Want to showcase your talented friends’ art? Let them know how passionate you are for your cause, and invite them to put up their art to the public. All proceeds go to your cause, and recognition to the artists!

  4. Put on a ‘paint and sip’ 🖌️

    If you’ve ever been in the dilemma of not wanting to skip out on wine night, but really wanting to paint something, you would understand the motive behind a ‘paint and sip’. There’s an element of uniqueness to this fundraiser because most people are not aware that painting in a relaxed and comfortable environment makes it much better. So fill your glasses, and here’s to good art and mental health!

  5. Have an artist put on an art class 🧑‍🎨

    Find a venue that can accommodate the class, contact an artist willing to donate their time and skills to the event, promote the fundraiser and collect the proceeds! You can choose to focus on a specific kind or medium of art, in consultation with the artist, or leave it open for your audience

  6. Get artists to donate to an art gallery fundraiser 🖼️

    Reach out to various artists with the purpose of your fundraiser, the cause you’re advocating for, benefits of participation like exposure, and incentive like free tickets to the gallery, and you have yourself an art gallery fundraiser!

  7. Paint pottery for a cause 🏺

    Everyone loves to spend a quaint afternoon creating an original mug or bowl! Approach the pottery shop and ask if they’d be willing to donate a portion of proceeds to a charity, or ask your friends to pay a ticket fee that will go to charity. Create something you’ll have forever while also making a difference!

Ideas for Sports and Game Lovers

  1. Host any kind of sports tournament! Basketball, soccer, tennis, or more! 🎾

    Worried you won’t be able to pull off a fundraiser in time? Nothing brings people together like a good game of sports! Book a field/court, make sure to have snacks and keep your players hydrated and your audience entertained, and all proceeds can go to your cause!

  2. Have a football tailgate 🏈

    Sports brings people together, and there’s no better way to capitalize on pre-game hype than to hold a fundraiser! Before anything else, invest in foldable chairs and tables, you won’t regret it, then procure spirit wear - t-shirts, flags, logos - and finally, the grill for good food.

  3. Start a fantasy football team 🏈

    Leading a fantasy football team is no easy task, you need to join a good league, draft a good team for the season, participate in weekly matches, and manage team dynamics. If your team does well though, so does your cause

  4. Have an Olympic Games event! 🏟️

    Did you know that sports like dressage, rhythmic gymnastics, and synchronized swimming are also Olympic sports? Spread the Olympic spirit with your community by hosting a mix of both well-known sports and those like synchronized swimming to enthrall your audience. Collect your entry fee and follow up for feedback!

  5. Put on a ping-pong tournament 🏓

    Set up several ping-pong tables, with paddles, balls, and nets for both individual players and teams. For the audience, have seating and refreshments. Advertise your event enthusiastically, recruit all the ping-pong fanatics for your cause!

  6. Put on a volleyball tournament 🏐

    Want to support your favorite sport and your cause? You sure can! The equipment can make all the difference in volleyball, so make sure to procure a good, preferably outdoor court, net and ball. As always, refreshments, sportsmanship, and super loud cheering are a must!

  7. Put on a basketball tournament 🏀

    Give the NBA a run for its money with your basketball tournament fundraiser! Register the teams and set up the matches prior, and make sure the court is in the best condition for the tournament. Hype up your audience and get ready to hoop!

  8. Host a Jeopardy-style game show 👾

    Known to improve team-bonding as one of the most popular shows in America, Jeopardy too, can be a fundraising opportunity. Select appropriate categories for your audience, and advertise your Jeopardy-style game accordingly. Once you’re ready to begin the game, add multiple rounds, form teams, and harness your inner Jeopardy host to rake in support for your cause!

  9. Put on a video game tournament 🎮

    Video games - the perfect, immersive yet competitive strategy to get all age groups involved. If your tournament is in person, book a venue that is accessible, comfortable and available for the duration of the event. Set the rules and prizes before the game to avoid any legal issues. Finally, make dynamic advertisement posters, a tournament like yours deserves the hype!

  10. Put on a board game tournament 🎲

    Video games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but board games are! Go for the classics - Monopoly, Scrabble or Ludo, or others like Cluedo or Twister! Alternatively, if you really feel like it, grab a pen and paper - add pawns, locations, a goal and rewards - and create a custom-made board game specific to your fundraiser!

  11. Host a swim-a-thon 🏊

    Want to host a summer-themed fundraising event? Swim-a-thons only need a pool, some swimmers, rules, and an audience!

  12. Host a real or virtual 5k, with a theme! 🏃

    5km runs are the perfect fundraiser to challenge your audience and create visibility for your cause. Reach out to running communities in the area or online to help you plan the best race routes and budget, and for some extra fun, give it a marketable, relevant theme

  13. Launch a 10,000 steps challenge 🚶

    This has worked time and time again, as long as we continue to walk this method of fundraising remains eternal. 10,000 steps keeps the competitive spirit alive while not seeming unachievable to your audience. Pick a step-recording app with live leaderboards and online chats to encourage viewers and also advertise your cause. And don’t forget to set a prize for the winners!

  14. Host an Ice-Skating Event ⛸️

    Ice skating, while expensive, is a fundraiser loved by many. No matter the cause you’re promoting, be sure to figure out the logistics beforehand. Do you want to host a competition, an exhibition, an instruction event, or simply an open skate?

  15. Organize a hike for a cause 🥾

    Hiking has really picked up traction recently, and what better way to take advantage of a trend than to make it into a fundraiser? Make sure to stack up on supplies, especially water, pick a route appropriate for the age group that you’re hiking with, and have fun!

  16. Put on a yoga class 🧘

    Want to achieve peace of mind and fundraise together? Sure you can! Just find an open, outdoor venue accessible to your audience, and hire a yoga instructor. An experienced instructor would also help you with planning the class, like being mindful of the time of day and choosing a balanced set of postures.

  17. Do a corn-hole tournament 🌽

    Corn-hole can get really competitive, so the first thing to do is clarify the rules. Other essentials include corhole boards, bean bags, multiple courts and seating for the audience. Charge an entry fee and give prizes to the winners!

  18. Organize a scavenger hunt 🔍

    No matter the age range you’re working with, scavenger hunts can be designed to be fun for all! Riddles make for great hunters, so go all out planning the clues and props according to your hunt’s theme. Make sure you don’t lead people into dangerous places, and reward the team that solves the hunt first!

  19. Put on an adventure race! 🏃

    Plan a route that is safe yet challenging for your audience, set up safety protocols, recruit volunteers and proudly promote your event!

  20. Do an amazing race challenge 🏃

    Depending on your city, you must make a list of popular spots to include in the challenge, with a mix of food joints, tourist attractions, and smaller shops. Also don’t forget to recruit sponsors for your participants to race through the challenge!

  21. Host a bowl-a-thon 🎳

    Bowling is fun! So much so, that you must reserve your bowling venue in advance, set a fundraising goal as you recruit participants, and have them battle for the title of bowling master!

  22. Have a rubber duck race 🦆

    Who says rubber ducks are only for kids? Buy your ducks in bulk, number and assign them to your contestants, secure a waterway for the event (maybe buy a shotgun to announce the race’s beginning), and award the winners!

Ideas for Movie Lovers

  1. Host a movie night fundraiser 💰

    Whether it’s a small group of your friends, or a larger group using an outside blow-up screen and projector, a movie night is a simple crowd-pleaser. Charge for tickets, and offer popcorn, soda, and candy for sale as well!

  2. Host a film or documentary screening 🍿

    The holy triad for film screening is: venue, movie selection, and refreshments. Pro tip, try to match your venue and type of screening with the movie you’ve chosen. For example, if you’re going retro try to procure the traditional film projectors with a cloth screen for a vintage feel, or if you’re going for a rom-com consider a drive-in screening.

Ideas for Music Lovers

  1. Plan a benefit concert with student musicians 🎸

    If you care about a cause, fundraising is always a great way to help. Forget boring fundraisersselect a venue, recruit your school’s musicians, and charge for each ticket! Make sure to give yourself 3-5 months to plan, and it’s sure to be a hit!

  2. Have a Battle of the Bands fundraiser 🧑‍🎤

    You need to have in place a good sound system, stage and instruments to do justice to this one. Advertise to your audience, make sure they’re comfortably seated and refreshments are served, and watch how well music and competition go together!

  3. Put on a holiday concert with a choir or other musicians 🎼

    Are you, or some of your friends musicians, and want to showcase your talent, or just have fun? Putting on a concert is just the fundraiser for you. The holiday season means that people would be looking for an event to attend, so get your microphones ready and blast away!

Ideas for Animal Lovers

  1. Host a pet day! 🐶

    Invite all pet owners to share their little joys with the community! Pet day can be a great opportunity for advocacy, just stock up on refreshments, have an open venue for the pets, and make sure all your attendees are comfortable!

  2. Have a pet parade! 🐱

    Get a band, a venue, and lots of confetti, and invite all pet owners in your community because pets deserve all the love and appreciation!

  3. Do a Zoo night! 🐨

    Is your cause related to animals? Pay a visit to your nearest zoo! Arrange a big bus for extra team bonding on the ride, and request a zoo guide to show you around. Remember to carry refreshments and not feed the animals!

  4. Have a dog wash in the summer 🐩

    Purchase shampoos and soaps for the dogs, secure a steady water supply, pick a large outdoor venue and earn gratitude from all dog owners in the area!

Ideas for Food Lovers

  1. Get a cooking expert to put on a cooking class 🧑‍🍳

    Who doesn’t want to learn how to cook delicious meals for themselves? Help your audience out by contacting a chef or expert in the field and asking them to teach a number of practical and elaborate, sweet and savory dishes, for a wholesome, yummy, and useful afternoon!

  2. Do a holiday cookie swap or decorating contest 🍪

    Craving cookies during the holidays? Host a cookie swap or decorating contest! Ask your participants to each bring a packaged and labeled set of home-made cookies, swap them, and additionally, decorate each other’s cookies, before taking them home and sharing their feedback and encouragement with each other!

  3. Organize an Ice Cream Party, maybe partnering with a local ice cream shop 🍦

    Did you know you could support a local business and fundraise at the same time? Whoever your audience, preferably host the party at a park, ice cream goes great with outdoor spaces. Be mindful of the season and any possible food allergies, and you’re all set for an afternoon full of sweetness!

  4. Find a host for a dinner party 🍱

    Put on your planner hat and help your host plan the meal and some entertainment for the night! Make sure to be mindful of possible food allergies and cater to your audience’s preferences.

  5. Put on a food truck event 🍟

    Choose a variety of food trucks with different cuisines to attract your audience, find an area large enough to accommodate all of them, and let the aroma guide your audience! Remember, while advertising food, the best way is to add visuals, no one can resist a scrumptious-looking meal!

  6. Organize a restaurant benefit night 🧑‍🍳

    Many local restaurants are happy to organize a night where a portion of the profits go towards a charity! Spend some time talking to restaurants in your area to identify which ones would like to help. Then, spread the word to friends and family to make the event a success!

  7. Put on a Gingerbread House Decorating Competition around Christmas 🏠

    Remember the Gingerbread man? Awaken everyone’s childhood memories by inviting them to showcase their gingerbread house decorating skills. Talk about a seasonally-apt fundraiser!

  8. Host a “cooking show” 🥘

    Set up a judge panel and criteria, audition your participants, but remember to keep the friendly spirit of the show alive. If you’d like, spice up the competition by professionally recording and airing it to the community!

Ideas for Anyone Who Loves a Fun Night!

  1. Host a party with a twist- everyone brings a gift for a child in-need! 🎁

    Everyone loves a good party! Make it even sweeter by asking each guest to bring a gift for a child. You can contact local nonprofits that work with resettled refugees, foster children, and other at-risk populations to find out what kind of items are best. Depending on the time of year, families may need winter coats, Christmas gifts, clothes, or food!

  2. Host a “Local Celebrity Night” 🎤

    If there someone in your community that others would love to hear from? Maybe an elected official, the head of a company, a professor? Ask them if they’d be willing to give a lecture or host a Q and A. Find a venue and charge admission!

  3. Put on a talent show 🎭

    As with most other activities on this list, putting on a talent show is not a one-man job. So, make sure you have a committee with whom you can discuss the dates, venue, and marketing. You could choose to showcase music, dance, comedy, magic, and hold auditions for talent in that field. And remember, no one's stopping you from participating as well!

  4. Organize a school dance 🕺

    And no, it doesn’t have to be prom (although we’re not against that, either). A school dance is simply about choosing the right venue, hiring the right DJ, and setting a dress code for your theme. You get to exercise your creativity with the theme, which can depend on the cause you’re advocating. And don’t worry, if nothing comes to mind you can always take polls from your audience!

  5. Host a Gala dinner 🍽

    Go all out with a drinks reception, dinner, and dancing! Book a venue large enough for your audience, and contact catering services as well as a DJ beforehand. To make it extra fun, have a themed, formal dress code!

  6. Host a virtual gala 🖥️

    Did you know virtual galas can actually raise more funds than traditional ones? Whether you choose to have a murder mystery party, a virtual talent show, or a decade party (like the Roaring 20s), make sure to livestream on a platform accessible to your audience. Remember that audience engagement is even more important during a virtual event!

  7. Host an UnGala 🎭

    Have something unique to showcase? Host an UnGala to attract your audience towards something new and different, like some latest technological advancement or a rare talent showcase. While this event would require more investment and deliberate advertisement, it would rake in good funding for your cause!

  8. Put on a pie throwing contest 🥧

    Make sure to have enough pies so as not to spoil the fun, but be mindful of the environment. Here, venue, safety and incentive are really important. Hire a clean-up crew in advance and get messy!

  9. Have a comedy night 🤣

    Whether online or in-person, invite a range of performers for all age groups - from clowns to stand-up comedians, prop up a stage, get the snacks ready, and have a hilarious night!

  10. Host a Trivia night 🧠

    Trivia is only fun if it pertains to your audience, so choose your trivia cards wisely, make the space comfortable, get a projector and microphone to make it official, remind your audience of the amazing prizes they could win, and maybe throw in some trivia about your cause in there!

  11. Host a pool party 🏊

    Pool parties are all the rage these days, especially amongst a younger audience. So book a pool, ensure the presence of life guards, arrange for refreshments, organize entertaining games, and enjoy full-attendance!

  12. Put on a bingo night 📝

    Bingo night is a classic, and needs to be done right even as a fundraiser. The snacks need to be in good supply, the prizes attractive, and the host entertaining. Ideally, pick a bingo veteran to be the host and watch the competition get hot!

  13. Host a “Casino Night” poker tournament 🃏

    Book a poker room with all the equipment needed and adorn the ambience with gold and glitter to run with the “Casino Night” theme. For extra fun, ask your audience to dress up like they’re walking into Bellagio!

  14. Put on a carnival or fair! 🎡

    When planning a carnival, the world is your oyster - construct your dream carnival date and bring it to life with rides, games, and food. Collaborate with other volunteers to help manage your carnival and plan for logistics like parking, security, and waste management, mindfully.

  15. Host a dunk tank at a carnival or fair 🏀

    If not an entire carnival, host the ultimate carnival stall - the dunk tank! Invest in borrowing a tank and setting up instructions with an age limit. Remember, the most important thing is to be safe and have fun!

  16. Host any booth at a carnival or fair 🎟️

    Of course, you can choose to host any other booth at a carnival, be it games, food, souvenirs, or other ones like a kissing booth (again, be mindful of the audience!). Advertise in person, have prizes, and show your audience why your stall is the best!

  17. Do a Museum night! 🖼️

    If you haven’t yet, visit the museum at night, and share the experience with your audience! Choose a museum that would be interesting for your audience, get permission from the museum for your group visit, and preferably, a guide to show you around. Reiterate the museum’s rules, be safe, and transport yourself to a different world!

  18. Have a murder mystery dinner 🍛

    Be honest, we’ve all either been at or wanted to be at one of these at least once in our lives. Luckily for us, businesses are now selling entire murder mystery packages, with a mystery plot, characters, instructions for the host, and teaser videos. Simply purchase one of these kits, and solve a murder and a cause at the same time!

  19. Have a grownup field day 🏈

    Do you also dislike the phrase ‘all work and no play’? Grownup field days are the perfect way to break the monotony of adult life and reconnect with our inner children in a spacious venue, with various games, teams, equipment and prizes!

  20. Set up a guessing game booth 🧐

    The guessing game cards must be designed with your audience in mind, try to include facts all age groups would know about, make your booth bold and bright, and start guessing!

  21. Put up a spinning wheel booth 🎡

    Booths are most effective at fairs or high school/university events, so design a spinning wheel specially for your young audience. Throw in attractive prizes and don’t rig the wheel!

  22. Have a lip sync contest 🎶

    Lip syncing is no small skill, invite your audience to test their metal and win the grand title. Don’t forget to share clips from the competition to further advocate your cause!

  23. Host a super fun themed party! Theme is up to you! 🪅

    Don’t you just love themes? We’re sure your audience would also agree! So pick your favorite theme, decorate your venue, encourage a dress code, and watch the entry tickets sell out!

  24. Have a backyard barbecue party 🍔

    Ensure that the barbecue is running and hot before your guests come in, decorate the backyard, serve cool, refreshing drinks, with fun games for entertainment, and capitalize on the backyard barbecue nostalgia!

  25. Have a dance off 💃

    Do you believe anyone can dance? Let your audience surprise you by setting up a judge panel, a stage with dramatic lighting, and a good sound system.

  26. Host a Cultural Event or Cultural Cuisine event 🍱

    Invite participants to display their unique cultures: perform dances, set-up food stalls, teach culture-specific skills, etc., make sure they have any equipment and the space they need, and advertise your event.

Ideas for up-and-coming Entrepreneurs

  1. Rake leaves for a good cause 🍂

    When the weather cools down and the leaves start to fall, get a group of friends together and go door to door advertising your services! Ask people to make any donation per yard.

  2. Create a social media challenge 🪣

    If you remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you know how successful a social media challenge can become. You can make a smaller-scale version of this in your local community! Find a fun (but daring) activity to challenge others to do, and start the chain!

  3. Hold a bake sale 🍰

    Ask your local grocery store if they’d be willing to donate supplies for a charity bake sale, and better yet, if they’d allow you to set up shop outside! This may take some time, as some cities have regulations. But, once you find a venue, you can make a nice profit on a well-executed bake sale!

  4. Create a social enterprise 💰

    Do you have an idea for a business that could create profit? Start that business and donate a portion of the profits to charity! This is a great way to build entrepreneurial skills while also making a difference!

  5. Put on a community yard sale 🏠

    Yes, you can work towards your cause and practice the 3 R’s at the same time! If you’re targeting a wide audience, yard sales are great fundraisers because of their versatility in terms of variety and price of goods. Involve your community, find a large field to set up your yard sale, and watch the contributions pile in.

  6. Do a Pop-Up Thrift Store 🛍

    Particularly popular amongst students, the venue is extremely important with pop-up thrift stores. Choose a well-visited area, possibly near a retail hotspot, and advertise boldly, be proud of your cheap prizes!

  7. Organize a Polar Plunge 🏊‍♂️

    Sponsors and advertising are crucial in organizing a polar plunge, design an attractive website and attempt to reach a wide audience. Share videos of people completing your polar plunge, and watch the snowball effect do its magic!

  8. Hold an auction, in-person or online 🏺

    Online or not, there’s a lot of helpful auction sites that make the task of buying and displaying goods and interacting with bidders super easy. Remember to set realistic goals for your fundraiser!

  9. Do a “One for One” fundraiser 💵

    It’s up to you whether you want to stick to a specific product like books, or keep a variety of products for your audience. Either way, your fundraiser would benefit from being showcased in a large, accessible space, and from good advertising!

  10. Make T-Shirts and sell them 👕

    No matter your cause, with just a little bit of time and commitment, you can make your own t-shirts to sell. Get cheap wholesale shirts, and lots of paint, and let the creative juices flow!

  11. Host a bike ride for a good cause 🚴‍♂️

    Want to promote good health and a good cause? A bike ride is the perfect, low-budget fundraiser for this, simply plan a route (preferably with some water stations), advertise your event, and welcome the bikers!

  12. Sell raffle tickets online to a unique item on your social media 🎟

    This is a tricky one, you need to procure a unique item that would catch your audience’s attention! It could be anything from the latest iPhone to an old family heirloom, make sure to advertise it attractively, put the raffle tickets for sale, and congratulate your winner on social media.

  13. Walk dogs for a cause 🐶

    Especially targeted towards dog lovers, gather all your walkers and head to the nearest shelter or neighborhood to offer your services. Consider wearing t-shirts advocating your cause while you do, so you can utilize the attention the dogs would attract!

  14. Host a Babysitting Night for a good cause 🍼

    While it’s restricted to an eligible audience and requires considerable planning, babysitting night can be a great bonding experience! Watch a movie or play games with beverages and snacks for a night full of entertainment, and remember to take care of the babies too!

  15. Teach a coding or robotics class for a good cause 🤖

    Know some coders that would love to share their knowledge? Be the bridge between them and aspiring coders or robotics enthusiasts, and organize a workshop for a small fee. Remember to make sure the venue is equipped with computers and anything else the class might need, and keep it short to keep the audience’s attention!

  16. Do a Spin Class Fundraiser 🪩

    Reach out to your local spin instructor and book the studio for a spin class. Keep the class size and time short for a fun yet lucrative session. And remember, great advertisements make great fundraisers!

  17. Do a LiveStreamed Event or webinar with guests and speakers 🎙

    If you could showcase your cause within 2 hours, what elements would you include? Keep this in mind as you plan guest lectures, presentations, films or documentaries, and other activities for a webinar all about your cause!

  18. Shave your heads for pledges 👨‍🦲

    Ready to make a long-term commitment to your cause? Invite others to join you and shave away! Bonus points if you donate the hair afterwards.

  19. Put on a virtual conference for a cause 📢

    Make a list of speakers that advocate for or are experts in the cause you’re interested in, and contact them well before the event. Advertise on all platforms, and keep the conference short so as to get your message across clearly!

  20. Put up a photo booth 📸

    Everyone loves photo booths, and what better way to utilize the trend than to fundraise? Strategically set up your booth where foot traffic is high, keep props for your audience to take goofy photos, and take a few trial shots yourself to make sure the photos are printed in the best quality!

  21. Launch a campaign to ask local businesses for donations 🏢

    Seek help from local businesses, working for causes much like yours. Advocacy and judicious use of social media are crucial to campaign for donations. Welcome help in all forms - resources, funds, or services!

  22. Have a Clothes Clean-Out sale 🧥

    Find the clothes you no longer need, display them attractively, have a clear price and payment system in place, and let your customers know the cause they’re supporting by buying from you!

  23. Do the classic car wash fundraiser 🚗

    Go classic by offering car washing services at a pre-booked garage, with rented cleaning supplies, fast service, and a smile!

  24. Sell tulips around Mother’s Day 🌷

    Simply buy a bunch of flowers and wrap them up with love. Additionally, make a board displaying all the different tulip colors and what they symbolize, for all the people gifting their mothers.

  25. Donate your hobby campaign 🎨

    Everyone has a skill to teach, be the one to bring a host of unique hobbies to the people! Decorate your venue attractively, arrange for any equipment your instructors might need, have the snacks ready for impromptu breaks, and watch an event full of learning and fun!

  26. Do an envelope fundraiser 📨

    Envelopes don’t always have to enclose letters! Depending on your fundraising goal, set a timeline to appeal to your list of donors, and track your progress. Remember, since they’re the medium of the fundraiser, make your envelopes attractive, with a picture to represent your cause, your organization’s logo, and a catchy slogan!

  27. Do a geocaching fundraiser 🗺

    If you’re the self-proclaimed navigator on every trip, geocaching is the fundraiser for you! Hide the caches in strategic places, with GPS coordinates and clues for the participants, collect an entry fee and have fun watching them solve the puzzle!

  28. Spare change fundraiser 💰

    Everyone’s got spare change, but no one wants to give it up! Practice your persuasive skills and see how many funds you can raise!

  29. Do a $20 Turn Around 💵

    A $20 turn around fundraiser depends entirely on the resourcefulness of its participants. Choose the volunteers you would like to invest in, and encourage them to get creative within the time limit. As long as everyone sticks to the rules, you’re bound to collect a lot of profit!

  30. Do a Coffee Run Campaign ☕️

    Partner with a coffee shop, and you’d be supporting a local business along with your cause. Decide whether you’d be collecting the donations with each coffee cup using a phone app like Venmo or setting up a website, and let the caffeine speak for itself!

  31. Auction off a high-value item 🏺

    Find and verify your high-value item first - it could be a family heirloom, a rare stone you found, or anything else of historical or economical value. Use auction sites to organize the auction and inform your audience of the cause you stand for.

Ideas for the Holidays

  1. Create a Haunted House around Halloween 🎃

    Missed the Christmas fundraising opportunity? No worries, Halloween is a fresh opportunity. Break out your spooky get-up, spend sufficient time and effort on decorating your venue, and scare for a cause!

  2. Put on a Costume Competition around Halloween 👻

    Alternatively to the haunted house, give your audience more agency by asking them to showcase their most creepy get-ups for Halloween, and watch your cause come alive!

  3. Make greetings cards and sell them around the holidays 🎇

    Everyone loves a good card. Think of short, easy-to-read, positive messages that you would want to read in a greetings card, and design the covers to be eye-catching. If you want, you can borrow a mobile stall and go around displaying your hand-made card in your neighborhood!

  4. Sell wrapping paper during Christmas 🎁

    Wrapping paper is as much a Christmas essential as the tree, so make sure to discount your prizes this festive season!

  5. Wrap gifts for donations during Christmas 🎄

    Gifts don’t have to be fancy, procure any supplies you can get - warm blankets, books, toys - and wrap them up with stickers to advocate for your cause!

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