11 Volunteer Opportunities for Los Angeles Teens

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Karina Miszori
Surfrider LA

Los Angeles is a city full of amazing people, weather, and culture - as well as nonprofits doing truly important work! Here is a list of amazing volunteering opportunities in LA that fit a wide range of interests to make sure you have a memorable and impactful volunteering experience. Are you passionate about health and medicine? Homelessness? What about tech and coding? There’s definitely a nonprofit you could join to help any of these causes- and more!

1. L.A. Works

L.A. Works creates and leads programming to address critical issues and needs in Los Angeles by mobilizing targeted volunteer communities. Whether you are looking to volunteer online, in-person, or with a tricky schedule, L.A. Works will find you the perfect project. If you are interested in education equity, food insecurity, homelessness and housing, environmental justice, health justice, and more, they have a project for you.

2. Centinela Hospital Medical Care

Are you an aspiring nurse, doctor, surgeon or just interested in the everyday impact health workers make in your local hospital? Centinela Hospital is looking for the support of youth above the age of 14 who could meet their health and physical requirement.

3. Union Rescue Mission

Did you know that 58,000 people experience homelessness in L.A. every night? If you are passionate about bringing that number down, you can contribute to the cause with as little as 8 hours a month through fundraisers, serving meals, tutoring, and more.

4. County of Los Angeles Public Library

If you are keen to help create a fun and educational time for local children, L.A. Public Library is the opportunity for you! Other than your parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent, you do not need any experience or qualification to make a child’s day by reading with them, drawing, doing arts and crafts, and more.

5. Autism Career Pathways

Autism Career Pathways strives to increase employment opportunities for people with differing abilities. While they are based in California, students from all around the world can identify small businesses in their community and advocate for them to employ autistic and neurodivergent individuals through ACP's Better Community Certified Program.

Autism Career Pathways is one of ámaxa's new partner nonprofits, so you can apply to our ámaxa student impact program  today to be matched with an expert mentor and team of students from around the globe who can all work together to make a tangible impact for ACP together!

6. Food on Foot

Food on Foot is a nonprofit dedicated to assisting our unhoused and low-income neighbors in Los Angeles with nutritious meals, clothing, and life-skills training with the goal of providing full-time employment and permanent housing. Every Sunday, Food on Foot volunteers distribute hot, nutritious meals, clothing, hygiene items, and other essential resources to our Los Angeles neighbors in need. Are you up to not only talk the talk but walk the walk with Food on Foot?

7. 0 Debris

Would you like a day at the beach? Are you passionate about your local natural life and resources? You can have it both by volunteering at 0 Debris! 0 Debris hosts beach and costal cleanup events that all volunteers are welcome at, but you can also assist them in fundraising, marketing, and administration!

8. Reusable LA

Reusable LA is a coalition of organizations working to reduce plastic pollution in Los Angeles to safeguard our public health, communities, and environment. Dedicated to completing this mission through legislative advocacy, outreach, and community engagement, volunteers here have the chance for hands-on environmental activism.

9. Nine Dots

Calling all tech gurus, computer nerds and talented youth who can “use a computer” and also value inclusivity! 9 Dots provides students access to a rigorous, transformative computer science education, no matter their demographic or socio-economic status. If tech is your things, check out their volunteer opportunities today!

10. Surfrider LA

Surfrider Foundation takes a grassroots approach to effectively protect coasts. Surfrider has the largest network of Coastal Defenders in the World. Volunteers test water quality, engage in city council meetings about coastal protection, and participate in beach clean-ups. Their success is thanks to their grassroots approach that engages in dialogues and collaborates with coastal communities on conservation projects. For example, this year they pushed for an increase in NOAA’s Coastal Management Budget Increase. Join as a volunteer today!

11. The ámaxa student impact program

Last but not least… Solve real problems remotely by working with nonprofits through ámaxa. Select a problem in our platform, and we’ll match you with a team (with students from around the world!) and an expert mentor who will help you make a tangible impact!

If you are passionate about education, gender equality, climate change, refugees, health, disability inclusion, or more - we can match you to a real problem to solve with one of our partner NGOs. Apply now!

Still not sure what to do? Then reach out to us, and we’ll clear out your doubts to help you start solving real problems at global nonprofits!

Karina Miszori

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