17 Volunteer Opportunities for Teens in Anchorage

Ahmed Sami Raihane

Hey there! If you're looking for ways to get involved in your community and make a difference, Anchorage has a variety of volunteer opportunities that might interest you. As the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage is home to many non-profit organizations and community groups that rely on volunteers to support their programs and services.

From helping with animal care at the Alaska Zoo, to building affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity, there are countless ways to get involved and make a positive impact. And if you're a high school student, volunteering can be a great way to gain new skills, make connections, and give back to your community.

So why not consider spending some of your free time volunteering in Anchorage? Whether you're interested in the arts, education, or environmental conservation, there's sure to be an organization that could use your help. Plus, by giving back to your community, you'll be helping to create a better future for all of us.

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  1. Alaska Zoo:
  2. The Alaska Zoo is located on a 25-acre site in Anchorage and is home to over 100 animals, including polar bears, moose, wolves, and a wide variety of birds. Volunteers at the zoo play a crucial role in supporting the zoo's mission of promoting conservation and education about wildlife and their habitats.

    Volunteers can assist with animal care, which includes feeding, cleaning enclosures, and providing enrichment activities for the animals. They can also help with education programs, such as giving guided tours and presentations, and assisting with special events like birthday parties and Zoo Lights, a popular holiday event.

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    Volunteers at the Alaska Zoo are required to complete a training program, which covers animal handling and safety, as well as policies and procedures specific to the zoo. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of four hours per week for at least six months. In addition to the satisfaction of contributing to a worthy cause, volunteers also receive benefits such as free admission to the zoo, discounts at the gift shop, and invitations to special events.

  3. Covenant House Alaska:
  4. Covenant House Alaska is a non-profit organization that provides shelter, food, and support services to homeless youth in Anchorage. Volunteers are needed to help with meal service, tutoring, mentorship, and other tasks.

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    Here are some ways you can get involved:

    • Meal service: Covenant House Alaska serves over 100 meals per day to homeless youth. Volunteers are needed to help prepare and serve meals.
    • Tutoring and mentorship: Many of the youth at Covenant House Alaska are working towards their GED or attending school. Volunteers are needed to provide academic support and mentorship.
    • Outreach: Covenant House Alaska conducts outreach to connect with homeless youth in Anchorage. Volunteers are needed to help with outreach efforts and to connect youth with resources.

    If you're interested in volunteering with Covenant House Alaska, you can fill out a volunteer application here.

  5. ámaxa:
  6. ámaxa is a technology-driven organization that is committed to turning good intentions into concrete outcomes. Led by the founder and CEO, Lauren, alongside Aminia Rotari (COO) and Karina (Chief Marketing Officer), the team works tirelessly to increase access to service and volunteering opportunities for students worldwide. The ámaxa team comprises individuals from various locations worldwide, such as New York, Abu Dhabi, Boston, Los Angeles, Oregon, Texas, Atlanta, and beyond, all of whom are passionate about addressing global nonprofit challenges.

    Through the "Start Solving" program, ámaxa connects students with mentors, providing them with guidance and support for four to five months as they tackle real-world problems. The program offers numerous opportunities for students to make a significant impact, such as offering refugees housing, organizing remote juggling workshops for Palestinian students, and raising funds for solar-powered lights in Uganda.

    Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the world? Look no further than ámaxa Impact's "Start Solving" program. The program's webpage provides a detailed overview of the student mentorship program, which aims to empower young individuals to address real-world problems. The page begins by highlighting the global issues that we face today and how students can play a critical role in solving them. The program's mission is to use technology to transform intentions into concrete results.

    The program works by matching students with mentors who provide guidance and support throughout the problem-solving process. The program runs for four to five months, allowing students to develop valuable problem-solving and teamwork skills. The website also features examples of past projects, such as developing sustainable solutions for refugee housing and raising funds for solar-powered lights in Uganda.

    If you want to become part of a community of change-makers and make a real impact, the "Start Solving" program is for you. The webpage provides detailed information on how to apply for the program and get involved. So what are you waiting for? Join the movement and start solving today!

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  7. Bean's Cafe:
  8. Bean's Cafe is a non-profit organization that has been serving Anchorage's homeless population since 1979. The organization provides free meals and other essential services, such as shelter, clothing, and hygiene products, to those in need. Volunteers play an essential role in ensuring that Bean's Cafe can meet the growing demand for these services.

    Volunteers can help with meal service by preparing and serving food, cleaning up after meals, and assisting with dishwashing. They can also assist with other tasks, such as sorting and organizing donations of clothing and other items, and helping with administrative tasks.

    To volunteer at Bean's Cafe, individuals must be at least 16 years old and complete a volunteer application, which can be found on the organization's website. Volunteer shifts

    are available seven days a week, and volunteers can sign up for one or more shifts per week.

    Bean's Cafe also operates a sister organization, The Children's Lunchbox, which provides free meals to children in need in Anchorage. Volunteers are needed to help with meal preparation and delivery, as well as other tasks such as fundraising and event planning.

    For more information and to sign up to volunteer at Bean's Cafe or The Children's Lunchbox!

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  9. Habitat for Humanity:
  10. Habitat for Humanity is a global non-profit organization that helps families in need of affordable housing by building homes and renovating existing ones. In Alaska, Habitat for Humanity has several chapters that work on building homes for low-income families across the state.

    Volunteers are an integral part of Habitat for Humanity's mission, and there are a variety of ways to get involved. Construction volunteers work on building and renovating homes, and no prior construction experience is necessary. Volunteers can also help with fundraising and advocacy efforts, such as organizing events and spreading awareness about Habitat for Humanity's work.

    Photo Credit: Habitat for Humanity

    In addition to traditional volunteer opportunities, Habitat for Humanity also offers unique experiences like Global Village trips, where volunteers can travel to different parts of the world to work on housing projects, and Women Build events, which bring together women volunteers to build homes and raise awareness about affordable housing.

    To volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Alaska, visit the Habitat for Humanity International website and search for local affiliates in Alaska. Each affiliate may have different requirements and opportunities, so it's important to reach out directly to the affiliate to learn more about how to get involved.

    Some examples of Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Alaska include:

  11. Anchorage Parks and Recreation:
  12. Anchorage Parks and Recreation manages over 220 parks and recreational facilities in Anchorage, Alaska, and offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels.

    Volunteers can help with a variety of tasks, including trail maintenance, park clean-up, and event support. They may also have the opportunity to assist with gardening, restoration projects, and educational programs. In addition to these ongoing volunteer

    opportunities, Anchorage Parks and Recreation hosts annual events such as the Clean-Up Green-Up event and the Mayor's Marathon, which rely heavily on volunteer support.

    To get involved with Anchorage Parks and Recreation as a volunteer, visit the Anchorage Parks and Recreation website and fill out the volunteer application. Once you have submitted your application, a representative from the department will contact you to discuss available opportunities.

    Photo Credit: Municipality of Anchorage

    Some examples of volunteer opportunities with Anchorage Parks and Recreation include:

    • Trail Stewardship Program: Volunteers work to maintainand improve Anchorage's extensive trail system by clearing brush, repairing trail surfaces, and installing signage.
    • Park Improvement Projects: Volunteers can help with a variety of improvement projects, such as planting trees, building benches, and installing playground equipment.
    • Event Support: Volunteers can assist with a variety of events throughout the year, including summer concerts, outdoor movies, and holiday celebrations.
    • Educational Programs: Anchorage Parks and Recreation offers a variety of educational programs for people of all ages, and volunteers can assist with programs such as nature walks, birdwatching, and interpretive talks.

  13. Anchorage School District:
  14. The Anchorage School District (ASD) is the largest school district in Alaska, serving over 46,000 students in 128 schools. The district offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups who are interested in supporting student learning and success.

    Volunteers are needed to work in classrooms, libraries, and other areas, such as the school office, the cafeteria, and after-school programs. Depending on the school and the needs of the students, volunteers may be asked to help with tasks such as reading with students, tutoring, or assisting with classroom activities.

    To become a volunteer with the Anchorage School District, individuals must complete an online application and undergo a background check. The application can be found on the ASD website , and interested volunteers can contact the Volunteer Coordinator at each school to discuss specific volunteer opportunities.

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    Some examples of volunteer opportunities with the Anchorage School District include:

    • Classroom volunteers: Volunteers can work with teachers to provide additional support to students, such as tutoring, reading, or helping with class projects.
    • Library volunteers: Volunteers can assist with organizing and shelving books, helping students find resources, and supporting library programs.
    • School office volunteers: Volunteers can help with administrative tasks, such as answering phones, greeting visitors, and assisting with mailings.
    • Lunchroom volunteers: Volunteers can help with servingmeals, monitoring students, and cleaning up after lunch.
    • After-school program volunteers: Many schools offer after-school programs that provide academic support, enrichment activities, and recreation opportunities. Volunteers can help with these programs by supervising students, assisting with activities, and providing academic support..

  15. Alaska Center for the Environment:
  16. The Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE) is a non-profit organization that aims to protect Alaska's environment and promote sustainable practices. They focus on advocacy, organizing, and education to promote environmental conservation and climate action.

    Photo Credit: The Alaska Center

    Volunteering with ACE can involve a wide range of activities such as participating in advocacy campaigns, organizing events, conducting research, and helping with administrative tasks. The organization welcomes volunteers with diverse backgrounds, skills, and interests.

    If you're interested in volunteering with the Alaska Center for the Environment, you can check their website for more information on current volunteer opportunities, including events and campaigns. You can also fill out their online volunteer application form to get involved. Additionally, you can contact the organization directly through email or phone for further inquiries.

  17. Alaska Native Heritage Center:
  18. The Alaska Native Heritage Center is a cultural center located in Anchorage, Alaska that celebrates and preserves the native cultures of Alaska. The center offers educational and cultural programs to the public, including workshops, performances, and exhibits. The center also hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year to showcase native art, dance, and music.

    Volunteering with the Alaska Native Heritage Center can involve a range of tasks, including leading tours, assisting with events and festivals, helping with administrative tasks, and working in the gift shop. Volunteers are expected to be friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of Alaska's native cultures.

    If you're interested in volunteering with the Alaska Native Heritage Center, you can check their website for more information on current volunteer opportunities. You can also contact the volunteer coordinator directly through email or phone for further inquiries or to express your interest in volunteering. Find out more here

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  19. Anchorage Animal Care and Control:
  20. Anchorage Animal Care and Control (AACC) is a municipal animal shelter that provides a safe haven for lost, abandoned, and homeless animals in Anchorage. The shelter relies on volunteers to assist with various tasks such as animal care, cleaning, and socialization to help make the animals more adoptable. Volunteers are required to attend an orientation before they start their volunteer work.

    There are many ways to volunteer at AACC, including:

    Photo Credit: PetHarbor
    • Dog Walking: Volunteers take dogs for walks and give them some exercise and socialization.
    • Cat Socialization: Volunteers spend time with catsand help them adjust to shelter life.
    • Adoption Assistants: Volunteers help potential adopters find the right pet and assist with adoption paperwork.
    • Shelter Cleaning: Volunteers assist with cleaning and disinfecting animal kennels and cages.
    • Laundry: Volunteers assist with washing and drying animal bedding and towels.
    • Fundraising: Volunteers help raise funds for the shelter through events and other initiatives. Community Outreach: Volunteers help spread the word about the shelter and the importance of responsible pet ownership.
    • To apply to become a volunteer at Anchorage Animal Care and Control, visit their website!

  21. Anchorage Museum:
  22. The Anchorage Museum is a world-class museum that explores the art, history, and science of Alaska and the North. Volunteers play an important role in the museum's daily operations and special events. Volunteer opportunities include working as a docent, leading guided tours, assisting with educational programs, helping with events, and more. The museum also offers a variety of internships for students and recent graduates interested in pursuing careers in museums, art, or related fields.

    To learn more about volunteering at the Anchorage Museum and to apply, visit their website!

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  23. Alaska Botanical Garden:
  24. The Alaska Botanical Garden offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals who are interested in gardening and horticulture, as well as those who enjoy events and educational programming. Some of the volunteer tasks include working in the garden, assisting with plant sales, helping with events and programs, and providing tours for visitors.

    Photo Credit: American Public Gardens Association

    Volunteers are essential to the Alaska Botanical Garden, and they play a crucial role in the success of the organization. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just enjoy spending time outdoors, there is a volunteer opportunity for you at the Alaska Botanical Garden.

    To learn more about volunteering at the Alaska Botanical Garden, click here!

  25. Food Bank of Alaska:
  26. The Food Bank of Alaska is a non-profit organization that provides food assistance to Alaskans in need. They distribute food through a network of partner agencies, such as soup kitchens, food pantries, and shelters. Volunteers are a crucial part of the Food Bank's operations, helping to sort, pack, and distribute food.

    There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available at the Food Bank of Alaska, including:

    • Sorting and packing food donations
    • Assisting with food drives
    • Helping with administrative tasks
    • Delivering food to partner agencies

    Volunteers can sign up for individual or group shifts, and the Food Bank provides all necessary training and supervision. If you're interested in volunteering with the Food Bank of Alaska, you can visit their website to learn more and sign up for volunteer shifts!

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  27. American Red Cross of Alaska:
  28. The American Red Cross of Alaska is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education across the state. They are always in need of volunteers to help with a variety of tasks. Some volunteer opportunities with the American Red Cross of Alaska include:

    • Disaster Response: Volunteers can assist with disaster response efforts, including providing emergency shelter, distributing supplies, and providing emotional support to those affected by disasters
    • Blood Drives: The American Red Cross of Alaska is responsible for collecting and distributing blood donations throughout the state. Volunteers can help with blood drives by setting up, registering donors, and assisting with donor care.
    • Health and Safety Education: The American Red Cross of Alaska offers health and safety education programs, including CPR and first aid training. Volunteers can help with these programs by teaching classes and assisting with administrative tasks.

    If you are interested in volunteering with the American Red Cross of Alaska, click here!

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  29. Alaska Literacy Program:
  30. The Alaska Literacy Program (ALP) is a non-profit organization that provides free literacy services to young adults in Anchorage. ALP helps people improve their basic reading, writing, and math skills, as well as prepare for GED tests, college entrance exams, and citizenship exams. Volunteers are critical to the success of ALP, as they provide tutoring, teaching, and administrative support.

    Volunteers for the Alaska Literacy Program must be at least 18 years old and complete an orientation and training program. Volunteer opportunities include:

    • Tutoring: Volunteers work one-on-one with adult learnersto help them improve their reading, writing, and math skills.
    • Classroom assistant: Volunteers assist teachers in the classroom by working with small groups of students or providing individual support.
    • Administrative support: Volunteers help with data entry, filing, and other administrative tasks. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Alaska Literacy Program, click here! https://www.alaskaliteracyprogram.org/volunteer.html

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  31. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska:
  32. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska is a non-profit organization that provides one-to-one mentoring relationships for children and youth facing adversity. Volunteers are needed to serve as mentors, also called "Bigs", and provide positive role models for children in need of supportive relationships. Bigs commit to spending a few hours a month with their Little, engaging in activities such as playing sports, doing arts and crafts, and exploring new hobbies.

    In addition to being a mentor, volunteers are also needed to help with administrative tasks, fundraising events, and other program support. If you are interested in volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska, you can learn more and apply on their website.

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  33. Camp Fire Alaska:
  34. Camp Fire Alaska offers various volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in helping with youth development programs. The organization provides after-school and summer programs that promote social, emotional, and physical development of children and teens. Volunteers are needed to assist with program delivery, fundraising, administrative tasks, and mentorship.

    Volunteer opportunities with Camp Fire Alaska include:

    • Program Support: Volunteers assist with program delivery, which includes planning, organizing, and leading activities that align with Camp Fire Alaska's goals and objectives.
    • Fundraising: Volunteers help with fundraising activities, such as organizing events, soliciting donations, and grant writing.
    • Administrative Support: Volunteers assist with office tasks, including data entry, filing, and record keeping.
    • Mentoring: Volunteers serve as positive role models and provide mentorship to young people in the community.

    You can find these volunteering opportunities and more here!

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