Celebrating our 2022 Milestones

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Claudia Alcarra

We’re past the first half of the year!

This has been an amazing year for ámaxa. We’ve welcomed over thirteen new team members and seventeen students from nine different countries. We also had seven new mentors join us from three different countries. We are also currently receiving more student applications than we ever have!

To celebrate our progress, we’ve put together a compilation of our impact so far.

Building a Diverse Student Network

This year, we are excited to work with seventeen students from all over the world.  Our students come from the United States, Canada, Georgia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Myanmar. We are excited about our global reach and look forward to adding more students in regions not yet represented.


Students work together in teams of 2-4 to solve a problem they’re passionate about with the help of their expert mentor. Team diversity makes our students’ experience more enriching and helps students widen their perspective!

Exceptional Mentors

We currently have seven mentors on board who come from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Taiwan, and the US. Our mentors are paving a critical foundation for the program; because they are the first and second cohorts of mentors, we are still figuring out a lot as we go. Our mentors do an amazing job at learning and growing with the obstacles thrown at us!

"I love the phrase I don’t know. Unless you’re doing it, you don’t know anything." -Rebecca, Mentor

Ongoing Solutions

At the moment, we have five teams of students working with their mentors and our partner NGOs to carry out a meaningful impact project.

Opening up "Windows" for ISNAD Community Education Center

The director of ISNAD, Dr. Raed Eshnaiwer, explained eloquently the value ámaxa brings to ISNAD:

"Everytime you bring in a new partnership or new international connection, you open a window to the outside world for our students." - Dr. Raed Eshnaiwer

The team working under Rebecca Huang, a student at NYU Abu Dhabi, is planning virtual educational events including cultural exchanges, remote tutoring, and special workshops for students at ISNAD that will widen the perspective and learning opportunities for Palestinian students restricted in their learning due to the Israeli occupation.

We look forward to the development of this fantastic and important project!

Building an Ambulance for Moving Health

Moving Health provides emergency transportation to medical facilities to mothers in labor in rural Ghana. They have designed their own ambulance that transports mothers in labor, meaning they don't have to walk miles to a hospital while in labor (or get to the hospital at all!).

Photo: Moving health team meeting! (Photo taken by Camila Combe)

Our student team working with Moving Health, led by Camila Combe, is raising $3,000 to buy an ambulance for a town in rural Ghana. They started working a couple of weeks ago and are brainstorming how to combine each student’s passions and skills to help fundraise.

“One of our students who attended a coding camp is creating a flyer with a QR code that will take you to a website where you can see our team’s progress! We are just getting started but it’s looking promising!” - Camila, Mentor

Helping Migrants in Need in the UAE

This project works to collect and distribute blankets, hygiene products, food, and other resources to migrants in need in the UAE. So far, this team has drafted proposals for the collection and distribution of resources, and has made a detailed plan for donation allocation. They have also contacted a moving company in Dubai to help them with transporting resources.

Rebecca, their mentor, is very keen to execute the project: “Thinking about ways to support migrants is an exciting process for our team. Nikko is a sweet and bright student who is supportive and understanding.”

Photo: Rebecca and Nikko during a productive and fun zoom meeting! (Photo taken by Rebecca Huang)

Advocating for Autistic Individuals in the UAE

Autism Career Pathways is an amazing NGO advocating for the employment of autistic indivudals. They create resources and training curriculums designed with input from adults with autism to make workplaces better suited for neurodivergent individuals.

This project just had its first meeting but they have clear objectives. They plan to lead an awareness project advocating for employment for people with disabilities in the UAE! They are starting off by conducting a services of interviews of businesses and individuals that already work with those with autism.

Deploying Digital Libraries to Refugee Camps

Teach by Tech is an NGO that provides Raspberry Pis to be used as offline digital libraries at refugee camps. Raspberry Pis are durable and inexpensive microcomputers that emit an internal Wi-Fi signal capable of connecting over 50 users. This project was successfully implemented by Teach by Tech in Dadaab, Kenya, and our team, led by mentor Jonah Ban, a student at Rice University, plans to replicate this project locally. “The project is still in the early stages, so nothing significant in terms of results or progress. Both students are great and fun to work with,” highlighted Jonah.

As you can see, our teams are developing impressive projects that will for sure make a remarkably positive impact. The passion of our students combined with the expertise of their mentors makes a dream team working towards tangible impact.

Beyond the projects mentioned here, we work with a total of 13 NGOs that solve different problems. From working in education to public health to employment for people of determination, the opportunities are endless. Check out the Problems section on our website to learn more!

If you are as excited as us about these projects, keep an eye on our blog, Instagram, and TikTok to hear more about their progress!

Claudia Alcarra

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