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Be your students' guiding hand to impact.

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The application process is a written application, an interview, and a background check.

Tell us when you're free.

As an amaxa mentor, you can choose to be "Active" or "Inactive" for certain periods. If you can't commit this quarter, we will check back again next! If you are free, we ensure your team has matching time availability with you.

Match with a team.

We match you with a student impact team that has your same time availability. Our next matching priority is cause: ideally, you are just as passionate about the problem as your students.

amaxa mentors commit to
4-5 months of weekly remote meetings .

However, if you apply now, you don't have to start right away. We will simply reach out to check on your upcoming committment ability. If you can't commit now, we can simply check back later!

what mentorship means

Be your team's most valuable asset .

We provide you with a 5 step structure, resources, and support. Here's what you bring:


Real-World Experience

Your professional experience in different fields gained over the years is invaluable for our high school students who are just starting their journey and looking for ways to combine what they love with doing good in the world.


Soft Skills & Project Management

Our mentors help students see the value of efficient communication and proper leadership. By guiding your students to complete tasks by deadlines, following up on things that need to get done, and helping students check their emails before they send them, mentors make sure that students deliver their projects for our partner NGOs in the most professional and effective manner.


A Diverse Network

A mentor's network might add the special spark that makes a project amazing. Our mentors bring value by showing students the importance of interconnectedness in making projects more impactful.


Student Championship

You are your team’s number one supporter. At ámaxa, we want our students to pursue their big ideas and believe that they can make a change. However, all of us need a little push sometimes. With the help of our mentors, students are ready to take risks, get out of their comfort zone, and voice their true opinions on what should be done to see the project through.

What you need to know

Learn more about program cost and time committment

Your role is to guide your students through a problem-solving process. They take the lead: you are there to support, encourage, and facilitate. Additionally, we provide you with a high-level 5-step process to take your team through the process, as well as plenty of extra resources and check-ins, so you are not on your own.

Yes, all mentors go through background checks. The cost is covered by ámaxa.

As a mentor, you commit to weekly 1 hour remote meetings for 4-5 months. However, the actual houses can average from 1 - 3 hours a week, depending on your problem. Time committment is one main facet we discuss in the interview because different problems require different kinds of committments. For example, one problem might require just an hour a week for 3 months, but much more time in the weeks leading up to an event. Another problem might require a solid 2 hours consistently for the whole problem.

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